Automatic single and/or multiple measurements
Multiple test probe movement (6 axes)
Bi-axial measuring object movement
No specialized hardware requirements - Complete control with an ordinary PC or compatible
Analogue signal measuring instrument output conversion into database format (NDTp8AX) before transmission to the computer for registration
Data is displayed on screen as picture in color/gray scale
Menu driven 16 colour reset from any level
Colour printouts supported


Positioning range:  Horizontal 1000x600 mm (36”x21”) 
Vertical 400 mm (16”)
Optional: Other sizes and models available upon request
Directional range: Horizontal rotation: more than 360º 
Vertical rotation: more than 360º 
Vertical rotation tilt +/- 10º 
Test object circular movement: Unlimited horizontal and vertical rotation
Resolution: Horizontal 0.05 mm (2 MILS) 
Vertical 0.05 mm (2 MILS) 
Horizontal rotation 0.05º  
Vertical rotation 0.5º 
Circular movement vert. 0.05 mm (2 MILS) 
Circular movement hor. 0.025º 



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